DroneDeploy and Sketchfab – How BIG can you really go for FREE?

When you pay for DroneDeploy and Sketchfab Pro services, you get all the versatile features to make your 3D renderings come to life. The question most people want to know is how large can you go without purchasing the applications. Well, these images and above interactive rendering illustrate what works and what you have to pay for in regards to files sizes.

The interactive rendering at the top of the page loaded into Sketchfab takes full advantage of the max limit of 50mb. The desert sand dunes image exported at roughly 270mb in Drone Deploy so it could not be used in Sketchfab even with a pro licenses limit of 200mb. The campsites with RV, ranger station and vendors represents around 425mb pushing the boundary of the free service through DD  topping out at 500mb.

To summarize the information discussed above, a good rule of thumb is to limit the overall area of a your rendering to 1.6 acres with 70 overlap and 250m height.  These limitations should keep your development file sizes down in order to achieve high quality results with no price tag.

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